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Manufacturing workshop of 7,000sq.m

   Dalian Henryli Co.,Ltd. is mainly engaged in R&D, production and sales    of automatic feeding devices of Factory Automation parts, which has piezoelectric and electromagnetic drive sources with a total of over 50 models of chassis vibrators and the whole set of equipment and parts in other standards of feeders, basically forming a one-stop and all-product supply system for the parts feeder industry.

   Through over 20-year specialized development, our company has established the first product standard in the industry in China. Our products have been certified by EU CE, while our enterprise management has certified by the ISO9001 quality system certification.

   Our company's high-end feeder products have been applied to production lines of many well-known international companies in more than 30 countries around the world. We've learned advanced management concepts and technical knowledge through working with those companies. We will continue to invest more resources in product development based on in-depth understanding of each user's demand and lead users to substantially save costs and to improve efficiency by means of using the advanced parts feeding device manufactured by our company.

   We would like to work with you to create values and jointly step into the future.

Innovation and development

   Up to now, we have invested more than 12 million yuan in product research and development. The first domestic research and development of piezoelectric vibrator drive source has completely broken the monopoly of foreign countries and achieved zero breakthrough in high-frequency vibrators. As a technical company, we know that product innovation is the most important driving force for the continuous improvement of enterprises. The annual investment in R&D accounts for more than 15% of the output value. Especially since 2017, the company has upgraded the electromagnetic high-frequency vibrator drive source. More than 3 million yuan has been invested, the product performance has been greatly improved, and the comprehensive application level has reached the international leading level. In the future, we will continue to explore intelligent parts feeder drive source products suitable for industrial IoT and unmanned factories.

R&D Yearbook
In 2009, China developed the first high-frequency piezoelectric vibrator drive source and obtained the national utility model patent certificate.
In 2012, through three years of continuous testing and acceptance, the full range of circular vibrators and linear vibrators was put on the market.
In 2014, the company developed the first spring automatic separation and ordering feeder built in the first separator in China.
In 2015, the company invested in the development of electromagnetic large-scale side tension vibrators, which filled the gap of domestic high-end large-scale vibrators. It was put into research and development in the same year and applied to the automatic assembly line of Dong'e Ejiao Group.
In 2016, it cooperated with China Huazheng Certification Group to make CE certification for the company's piezoelectric chassis vibrator, and successfully obtained CE certification.
In 2017, the company's vibrator products passed the certification of the National Standards Committee and obtained the first enterprise standard in the industry.

In 2017, the company management passed the 1s09001 quality system certification.
In 2018, it cooperated with China Huazheng Certification Group to make EU CE certification for the company's electromagnetic chassis vibrator, and successfully obtained CE certification.
In 2018, the whole series of products were optimized and upgraded, which greatly improved the appearance of the product, internal structure, production standardization and mechanical performance.